Volakas white is a kind of marble from Greek dolomite,that is from a remote village on the eastern side of Drama Greece. The exploitation of Volakas white began decades ago, and slowly became a popular greek stone. Suppliers, manufacturers and quarries all gave a few names to "volakas white". "volakas white" was the first name, from the village of the same name in the quarry.

It is an elegant natural stone with white background and light gray, purple, pink or brown veins. The white background of Volakas white marble is solemn and quiet, which is endowed with too many meanings by people.The texture of Volakas white is unique, it has a special landscape pattern, and has good decorative performance. In the pattern of pattern and texture, the trace of prehistoric civilization is hidden, but its overall shape can be described with "modern fashion", and a master style design style is protruding, and honor and noble and elegant products are special. The quality of performance is most incisive, Therefore, Volakas white marble is loved by many architects.
The physical properties of volakas white marble
Color: white
Main mineral: calcium carbonate
Gravity: 2.72 grams / cubic centimeter
Water absorption: 0.18%

Volakas white marble can be processed into polished,honed,sawn cut,acid washed etc.

From Greece, alabaster white Volakas marble flows with thick ribbons of silver and white. Polished Volakas is a special choice for making marble mesa, especially when it matches with splashing, marble tile floors or the same material walls. This unique and elegant natural stone can also be made of white tiles, which is the same in classical and modern environments.

The Honed processing method of Volakas white marble can be used for walls, floors, windowsill and counters.

Acid washed:
Volakas white marble has good processability, sound insulation and heat insulation, can be deep processing applications, is an excellent building decorative materials.

Volakas White Marble Gallery

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Volakas white marble is especially suitable for indoor floor and wall, background wall, paving, windowsill, table, pool, pool top, fountain, monument, and other decorative stone design items.